Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And yet DC will continue to vote overwhelmingly for the Democrat Party...

Hope! Change! Dickheadedness!

Just another example of how gifted kids are cheated in the name of "fairness". Just wait until they start taxing the smarter kids for there their high GPA and redistributing it to the kids that are not doing as well in the name of fairness and quotas. Welcome to grade inflation. Precious just can't get an F -- that would be bad for her self-esteem. We'll give her a B, and devalue all the other grades in the process.

Proposed by former President Bush in 2003, the DC Opportunity Scholarship (OSP) provides school choice to parents of the most disadvantaged students. Passed into law by Congress in 2004, the program provides up to $7500 in scholarship funds to approximately 1700 children who would otherwise be doomed to gang and drug infested academically deficient public schools run by incompetent union protected bureaucrats. The program has been operational long enough now for data to be in showing the effectiveness of the program. Only a liberal would need this explained.

Obama is sending his kids to a private school that's receiving scholarship kids and then revoking those scholarships makes him look even more like a scumbag than normal. But I guess the NEA paid good money to elect a Marxist and they deserve their money's worth. Oh sure, a few thousand more DC children will end up in jail, or dead, but you can't make an a socialist hell hole without fucking some children. The horror. These kids, given a chance, might learn hard work and studying leads to self reliance and personal responsibility, which means one less vote for the Democrats. Keep'em down, we can't have that.

Seriously! Would someone help me understand. Isn't EDUCATION a BIG democratic issue? There are countless studies on charter schools and vouchers that are very successful. YET the unions discard or ignore it.

Obama just screwed over the children of his biggest supporters. Oh well, back to the ghetto schools for them. I guess that's change we're supposed to believe in.

Save the D.C. Opportunity Program Scholarship:Recipients of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program read letters urging President Barack Obama to continue the program that provides scholarships to disadvantaged students so they can attend the school of their choice.

Ingrid Campbell:Oh NOES! Not Glenn Beck...

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