Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The sad fact is we actually, unbelievably, have a President who either does not understand, or refuses to recognize American exceptionalism. We are and have been the greatest force for personal and political freedom the world has ever seen, so says the blood of every young man and woman that has ever been shed in every major contingency--or dare I say war--in the this and the last century.

"Contingencies" fought not just to protect our freedom, but to extend it to others, even allowing them to remain autonomous nations after conflict has ceased. He can not comprehend with the mind of a progressive relativist--morally and politically speaking--that the American way is the best way, not just one way or a different way; that our founders established this country on principles derived from Truth handed down by a Sovereign God, and that our freedoms as human beings are endowed by a Creator, not by a created government. We therefore, as a SOVEREIGN NATION(not a member of a "global community"), are responsible to stand up to evil whenever and wherever our freedom and the freedom of our allies is threatened, so that we can CONTINUE to be the greatest force for Liberty and Justice in the world today.

Unfortunately, President Obama, being more willing to rename terror than to confront it, has made our people in this country significantly less safe and projected a aura of apologetic weakness unprecedented since President Carter.

Lastly, after global disarmament, of course, I wonder if the President plans to disband the Secret Service, fly commercial and discontinue dragging a 300 person plus security detail around the globe?

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