Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gracious God

I'm sure you saw Obama @ the Ft Myers 'revival meeting'...creepy.

Mrs. Henrietta crying with her hand out (might as well throw in an Escalade), the blonde chic mouthing "I love you, Barack" (the Secret Service needs to keep an eye on her, it looked like she wanted to rape Obama), Julio crying out to his 'savior' to free him from his woes of a fast food worker (who will now probably be the poster boy for universal health care). These people truly think Obama cares about them. They really think Obama is a 'god'. At least when Bush was President, people prayed for him, not to him.


Lets be honest here: These people do not want jobs, they want cash handouts. Proof? Not a single person asked for a job-all they wanted were entitlements.This is exactly what happens when the Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! crowd overshadows the working crowd.

Let's go back to the topic of Julio. MOST 19 year olds have crappy jobs at places like McDonalds. That is why you're in college, so that maybe in a few years you'll be qualified for a less crappy job. You work your ass off for low pay and no benefits-that alone should do is motivate you to to pursue something better on your own. NOT stand around asking the government to hand you a better deal on the backs of others. And as for healthcare, if he’s 19 shouldn’t he still qualify for SCHIP? You know, McDonalds offers health care. What Julio was probably asking for is health care that he didn't have to pay for. You know the health care that someone else pays for. Everyone in that crowd thinks "Free healthcare” = “National healthcare” and it just grows on trees. Of course, if anybody has to pay for it it should be the evil rich anyway.

What has happened to responsibility? This has got to stop. Since when I am responsible for other peoples lives? Why should I have to pay for someone's house? Car? Gas? Let alone anything else? Unemployment, Food Stamps, Public housing, Welfare, are all supposed to be safety nets, not hammocks. It's offensive to ask the government (really your neighbors) to pay for your house. I am sick of paying for everyone else's healthcare, retirement, food, etc, because they are a 'victim' of some sort or other. No one will work with this type of society. No one will take care of their family. Why should they? The government will take care of them. The bible says "If you don't work, you don't eat" and it doesn't add "Unless you're a 'victim' of racismsexismhomophobia." In other words-the government is playing 'god' and I'm sick of. We already know the government can't take of it's people. See the war on poverty, Detroit, the public schools, etc.

People didn’t have the option of suckling the government teat years ago. What would she have done then? It’s all about personal responsibility or the lack thereof, not being heartless. I have no problem being charitable, but I want it to be my choice where my money goes, not the government’s. Conservatives are the most compassionate people on the planet—all the studies indicate such. But, compassion does not equal me throwing my hard-earned money into a big pot for someone else to determine how best to spend it.

What has America learned? You can appear before The One, declare you are homeless, unemployed, ailing, whatever, and the liberals are all ready to pour somebody else’s money all over you without a grain of proof. By Friday, the unemployment rate will probably be 9%...

On a side note-Obama says Ft Meyers had the highest foreclosure rate in the country. Sure does, when the job market went bust the Mexican illegals high tailed it out of town, and left empty houses everywhere. By last count one area there had almost 20,000 foreclosures.

I notice Obama didn’t say why all the foreclosures were in this one area, where all the illegals were? I am left to wonder why...

The White House just announced they are suspending all off-shore and on-shore oil drilling. How many JOBS would that create? Better yet, how many jobs will be lost now. What will a gallon of gas cost in six weeks or six months. Obama cut off gas drilling in Utah, that already costs jobs.

*this blog post is a compliation of many different reponses throughout blog world about Obama's 'town hall revival'*

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