Thursday, February 5, 2009

So Timothy Geithner gets to keep his job...

I might respect Obama (maybe just a little) if he cleaned house from top to bottom.

Birds of a feather...

Maybe with all of Obama's corrupt dealings and associations it's possible that Geithner could have almost anything on Obama. But according to Obama, Geithner is the only one who knows how to get the economy out of trouble. I mean, it was just a simple 'oversight' right? Or maybe it takes a crook to catch another crook? Maybe with all that 'change' in Washington... If a tax cheat is the best America has to offer-we're in deep trouble.

This is just an early indication of the failures of this administration.

I emailed Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Jim Bunning to express my disappointment with Tim Geithner as Sec. of Treasury. Obama promised changed (not like I ever believed him) and Geithner is the same. There continue to be different rules for those who have big bucks and the rest of us. In addition to not paying any taxes for four years until the IRS audited him, he also took his kids' camp expenses as a daycare deduction. His accountant told him he couldn't do that and needed to file an amended return - which Geithner didn't do. I am tired of the good ol' boy system of government. We need to hold Obama to the change in standards that he claimed he was going to provide and let's restore some honesty to our government. Geithner is an example of neither. He can't possible be the only "qualified" person in the country to be Sec. of the Treasury.

Apparently, President Barack Obama thought that Jessica Simpson's weight was something he needed to make fun of during his pre-Super Bowl interview with Matt Lauer on NBC Sunday.

Real classy, Obama. Real classy.

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