Thursday, February 26, 2009

More evidence

Have any of you who support Nationalized Healthcare in the U.S. actually stopped to think about what this will involve? First of all, look at all of the problems we are having with any other such government controlled programs like Welfare and Social Security - Both in shambles. Now do you honestly want the same people responsible for that mess to pick your doctors for you and tell you when you have to have a checkup? Why are you willing to put your health and well-being into the hands of carreer politicians who essentially will be running the medical proffession and telling doctors what they can or cannot do?Now what of the people who choose to remain independant from Nationalized Healthcare? Have you stopped to think about how much insurance rates will soar.

HEALTH, happiness, and prosperity NEVER came out of any government program. Those are results of hard work and sacrafice. Nationalizing healthcare goes against anything and everything a free market stands for.

PLUS should the evil rich be footing the bill?
5 top reasons why I am against Nationalized Healthcare:

1. It limits your choices. Instead of going to a doctor near you, you will have to go to a doctor comes from an approved provider list. Not all doctors want to be on this list. Furthermore, many who might want to be, would not be included because they are in specialties which the government may not deem as "necessary" plastic surgeons, dentists, etc.

2. In many countries, and even one of our own States, where Universal Health care has been started, if has failed. There are many reasons, but one of them is because that people who could afford health care on their own, dropped their coverage in order to get on the "free" bandwagon. Even in President Obamas own State of Hawaii, it failed.Universal Coverage is not "free". While you may not be paying for it directly, the Government does, and it is through your taxes that it is funded. So-I guess you do ultimately pay for it through higher payroll taxes and income taxes.

3. Many pharmaceutical companies will not develop much needed drugs under this plan, because the Government will not pay them what they need to do so. So, Universal Coverage ultimately not only limits your choice of doctors, but the amount and variety of drugs needed to ensure your long term health. Also, many drugs you may have been able to get on your own through your family physician, may not be available under this plan. Drugs for hair loss for example, or those new trial drugs used to fight HIV or cancer.

4. The cost of medical school is very expensive. When you decided on a career, you did so with the reasonable expectation that you will be rewarded financially for your education and the personal sacrifice you endured while going to school. If you knew that your chosen career would not offer you the financial security needed to pay off those student loans, would you choose that career path? Of course not. And neither will future doctors and nurses. Since under Universal health care, a physicians income will limited by the Government, why bother in being a doctor? In several countries, Canada comes to mind-they now have a shortage of doctors and nurses, and are forced to hire them from other countries to fill the void. They work cheaper. But their degree of education may not be up to our rigorous standards. Do you really want your heart bypass done by a doctor trained in Zambia, who works for peanuts?

5. Speaking of that heart bypass, under Universal Coverage, there will be many procedures which the Government will not allow. Oregon for many years had a crude form of State health care. It had a long list of things not covered...much longer than those that were. That knee replacement surgery? If it is covered, you will only get one. So, if you have issues with both knees, tough luck. Need a cosmetic surgery to remove unsightly scar tissue, or to help cover the scars from that masectomy? Forget about it.
Can you name any Government agency that operates more efficiently than business in the private sector? Get serious, would you want some fat-cat bureaucrat deciding what treatment you were entitled to get-or your family's? It will be so easily exploited by third parties.

People are not denied health care in this country, not even those who are here illegally. The closest we have come thus far is HMO's. Look how they are run! Most are corrupt and have failed.

If England's, Canada's, and France is so great, tell me why people flock to America for treatment when life and death is at stake? Seriously, it hasn't worked anywhere. Doesn't Obama know that?

Healthcare counts for 1/7 of the economy. To nationalize it, would kill the goose that laid the golden egg.
How about letting people buy insurance policies across state lines that tailored to their needs. Many states have laid out so many mandates that insurance prices are through the roof whereas other startes do not burden insurance companies with so many mandates.

The American people are convinced that the responsibility of their own healthcare belongs to someone else, either their employer or the government. I happen to believe that we aren't entitled to anything.

I'm not willing to pay more so the drunk on the side of the road holding the sign can get his Percocet and Vicodin for free. I would, however, be willing to discuss paying for his vasectomy...

The devil's in the details.

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